Technical Reports

TR# Title Author Year pdf
230 A Systematic Selection Method for the Development of Cancer Staging Systems Yunzhi Lin, Richard Chappell, and Mithat Goenen 2012 PDF icon tr_230.pdf
228 Persistent Brain Network Homology from the Perspective of Dendrogram Lee H, Hyejin K, M K. Chung, B Kim, and D Soo Lee 2012 PDF icon tr_228.pdf
227 Discrete mixture regression models for heterogenous time-to-event data: Cox assisted clustering Eng K. and Hanlon B. 2012 PDF icon tr_227.pdf
226 EBSeq: An empirical Bayes hierarchical model for inference in RNA-seq experiments Leng N, Dawson J, Thomson J, Ruotti V, Rissman A, Smits B, Haag J, Gould M, Stewart R and Kendziorski C 2012 PDF icon tr_226.pdf
225 Survival-supervised latent Dirichlet allocation models for genomic analysis of time-to-event outcomes Dawson, J and Kendziorski C 2011 PDF icon tr_225.pdf
224 Normalization of ChIP-seq data with control Liang, K and Keles, S 2011 PDF icon tr_224.pdf
223 Haplotype probabilities in advanced intercross populations Broman, KW 2011 PDF icon tr_223.pdf
222 On Expected Gaussian Random Determinants Chung, MK 2011 PDF icon tr_222.pdf
221 Hot Spots Conjecture and Its Application to Modeling Tubular Structures Chung MK, Seo S, Nagesh A, Vorperian HK 2011 PDF icon tr_221.pdf
220 A model-based analysis to infer the functional content of a gene list Newton MA, He Q and Kendziorski C 2011 PDF icon tr_220.pdf
219 Sparse Integrative Clustering Of Multiple Omics Data Sets Shen R, Wang S and Mo Q 2011 PDF icon tr_219.pdf
218 An Empirical Bayesian Approach for Identifying Differential Co-expression in High-throughput Experiments Dawson J and Kendziorski C 2011 PDF icon tr_218.pdf
217 Variable Selection for Multiply-Imputed Data with Application to Dioxin Exposure Study Chen Q and Wang S 2011 PDF icon tr_217.pdf
216 Index Models for Pathway Based Personalized Prognostic Gene Expression Signatures Eng KH, Wang S and Kendziorski C 2010 PDF icon tr_216.pdf
215 Computing the Shape of Brain Networks using Graph Filtration and Gromov-Hausdor Metric Lee H, Chung MK, Kang H, Kim B-N, Lee DS 2011 PDF icon tr_215.pdf
214 Genetic map construction with R/qtl Broman, KW 2010 PDF icon tr_214.pdf
213 Sparse Brain Network Recovery under Compressed Sensing Lee H, Lee DS, Kang H, Kim B-N, Chung MK 2010 PDF icon tr_213.pdf
212 Statistical Methods for Gene Set Co-Expression Analysis Choi Y and Kendziorski C 2009 PDF icon tr_212.pdf
211 Heat Kernel Smoothing of Anatomical Manifolds via Laplace-Beltrami Eigenfunctions Seo S, Chung MK, Vorperian HK 2010 PDF icon tr_211.pdf
210 A novel semiparametric regression method for interval-censored data Han S, Andrei AC, Tsui KW 2010 PDF icon tr_210.pdf


The Department of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics produces technical reports pertaining to faculty research interests. To order a technical report from the BMI department or if you have a question pertaining to a report listed here, please use the Contact Form. The Statistics Department also provides Technical Reports.